1. Big, green self-love smoothy. Because hey, it’s Wednesday and I get to bike to work in the sunshine. #vscocam

  2. I survived this crazy week and found a dollar on my run! #itsthefreakingweekend #vscocam

  3. The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. -the Buddha

    Getting grounded on a long run soaking in the last of the warmth and sunshine.


  4. Garden stuff! Crowley station coming to life #vscocam (at Huayue Design)

  5. Biker gang. First ride to the gym this season and it felt mighty fine! #vscocam

  6. "The joy if a spirit is the measure of its power." Ninon de Lenclos

    A very joyful spirit after a wonderful weekend with family celebrating one of the most beautiful women I know.

    #vscocam (at Rushing Water Trout Farm)

  7. Gets me every time. #madison #capitol

  8. "Change, both good and bad, is inevitable, so try not to waste your energy either fighting or fearing it. Instead, aim to accept it as part of the natural cycle of birth, life and death." Graham Stones

  9. Isn’t it amazing that when we listen, our bodies tell us exactly what they need? #cabbage #vscocam

  10. The grape soaking in the day’s adventures. #vscocam #bohemia