1. Got to spend my Friday morning here! #vscocam (at Community GroundWorks at Troy Gardens)

  2. Finally crushed it! Grounded for Life. Sent. (at Governor Dodge State Park)

  3. The beds got an upgrade today with some hand painted copper name plates! #cscg (at Crowley Station Community Garden)

  4. Productive Friday afternoon at work. (at Hiebing)

  5. Thankful to have spent the day cheering on Emily @livewell12 with wonderful people as she ran her heart out at Devils Lake for 50 miles! (at Weary Traveler Free House)

  6. My favorite thing.

    #csa (at Hiebing)

  7. #latergram from build day at the garden. So thankful to be a part of such an amazing project and to work alongside beautiful people with big passion and ideas. This project has come so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes. #cscg (at Crowley Station Community Garden)

  8. Dirt on my hands and my first pepper. Wonderful things. #CSCG (at Crowley Station Community Garden)

  9. Oh. My. Gosh. Nailed ‘em! Sweet potato black bean tacos. See all that cilantro?! #vegetarian #tacotuesday

  10. The very first berry! 🍓 #vscocam